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Upload Calendar

As you could imagine our database is very big, with millions of tracks ingested every week. In order to keep the uploading process error-free  and functional, the different  ways to upload catalogues also have their own ingestion calendar. So, follow these  examples:


  • The easiest way to upload tracks one-by-one
  • Very useful if you have new releases
  • Ideal for a small amount of tracks
  • With automatic and instantaneous feedback after each delivery
  • The uploads are imported into our database on a weekly basis.

    Read more here about Vericast-upload.


  • A good solution if you have more than 1000 tracks to upload
  • Our Support Team assists you from your first upload to the automatisation of deliveries
  • With automatic feedback about the status of your delivery
  • The ingestion of content arriving from the FTP is scheduled on a weekly basis.

    If you want to get familiar with the process, check our FTP upload guidelines.

Digital Distributors and Majors

  • More and more Digital Distributors are connecting to our database via digital feeds
  • Our platform is set to integrate them on a weekly basis.

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