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Avoid Duplicated Information

We receive music content from many different sources. Consequently, it's possible that we receive the same song twice (or even more times) with equal or slightly different metadata. What we understand by metadata is information like the title, artist, label, ISRC and any other information that helps distinguish one sound recording from another.

We have the possibility to detect equal audio tracks with different metadata and unify them into just one. However, there are some technical restrictions that don't permit us to do this in all cases. That’s when duplicated tracks are sometimes created in our database.

There are 2 methods of how you can upload your catalogues into our database: 

1. via Vericast-upload (a platform designed for uploading a small number of tracks, e.g. when you have to upload some regular new releases).

2. via FTP (ideal for uploading large catalogues of over 1000 tracks).


In our upload platform (Vericast-Upload), the ISRC information is used to detect if a certain track already exists in our database. This prevents new audio tracks with an already existing (=duplicated) ISRC from entering into our database.

However, not all of the tracks in our database have an associated ISRC. Prior to uploading a track via our Vericast-upload platform, you should make sure that it is not already in the database. You can check by simply typing the song title in the corresponding filter of the Report section in Vericast and then check if it appears in the dropdown list of Track/Artist. 


Also, if you have the New Search box activated in your Vericast account, you can search for a track directly from there (see the picture below).


Depending on the search results, you will have two possibilities.

1.  A track already exists in our database.

In case we already have a track you’re going to upload, we don’t recommend to upload it again. However, if you still proceed with the upload, be sure to put the same metadata as the one in Vericast so that the identifications can be unified into the same track. If the metadata is different, you will create a duplicated phonogram.

Please note that you will not be notified in case you upload a track that already exists in our database.

2. A track doesn't exist.

If, on the contrary, you prefer to identify the tracks as separate ones (for example, if there are different versions with different rights owners), the song information should not be the same. For example, “Adele - Someone Like You” vs “Adele -Someone Like You (live)”.

It's important to remember that label information is updated with each newly uploaded song.  The latest song is the one most important for our database.

FTP Upload

In the event that Vericast receives similar catalogues via FTP, digital distributors, etc., the duplicated phonograms in our FTP platform are treated the same way as in the case of Vericast-Upload. However, if we receive a track with a duplicated ISRC via FTP, Vericast allows its upload in case the artist and track name are exactly the same.  In this case, the audio track is added to the one that already exists so that the identifications represent the total identifications.

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