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Correcting a Label

Distinct Labels

Every track has a label - either the one you assign to it when you upload it or the one we receive from the digital feeds. Sometimes, one track has various labels in different countries/territories. All tracks with various labels combined constitute what we call a multi-territory phonogram.

For example, Adele’s catalogue is part of XL Recordings in Spain and Sony Music Entertainment in the United States.


Multiple Labels

Some tracks are shared between the catalogues of different labels. For example:


Correcting a Label

The label information in Vericast is updated according to the newest data that we receive.

In case you detect incorrect label information:

  • If your account is set to Editor, you can search for the track and then modify its label yourself. Follow these steps to do so.
  • Alternatively, contact our Support Team and we'll be happy to do it for you.

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