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Frequent Content Filter (FCF)

The Frequent Content Filter, also called FCF, is where you can find the unknown tracks that have been played repeatedly with duration of over 60 seconds.


It’s an extra feature and, once activated, you will find it on the left-hand side of your Vericast Dashboard.

You can filter the unknown tracks by a specific date interval, channel, media or status. If you know the ID of an unknown track, you can also search it.

Identifying an Unknown Track

There are 2 ways to identify an unknown track:

  1. Automatically. Our system compares on a daily basis the unknown tracks with the audio tracks in our database. If it finds a match, the unknown is automatically assigned the metadata and its status is changed to Resolved. It is then removed from the FCF list and added to your Report. Simultaneously, a periodical process is run to update retroactively all past identifications. 
  2. Manually. Check how to edit your FCFs. Our system automatically processes the edited unknown tracks on a daily basis. The Pending status is changed to Resolved and the tracks are already part of the Vericast reports. Simultaneously, a periodical process is run to update retroactively all past identifications.

IMPORTANT: Please note that not every FCF is music. For example, some ads with no musical content and commercials can be played repeatedly in various channels and appear in the FCF list.

The unknown tracks are stored for an unlimited time so you can edit them at any time.

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