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Content Filter

The Content Filter - located in all Vericast sidebars - allows you to select the results that you want displayed in Vericast depending on the type of media content that you want to analyse.


You can choose between: generic or musical.

If you leave it as default, you won’t be selecting any kind of content and therefore both types will be displayed.


We tag the channels as generic or musical based on the input we get from you. The basic differentiation is the amount of music they give out. For example, the content of a top 100 hits radio station is usually classified as Musical, while the content of a 24h news TV station is classified as Generic.

When you let us know the type of content of each channel of your panel, we’ll immediately set it up for you.

If you find any errors or have any doubts, get in touch with our Support Team and we'll get on fixing it immediately.

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