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Duration Filter


The duration filter allows you to select:

1. Entire songs - tracks which have been broadcasted in their entirety.
2. Cropped tracks used as clips - usually as background music for advertisements, jingles, or program lead-in music.

Based on our experience, we recommend filtering:
- Tracks over 90 seconds > entire songs.
- Tracks of less than 60 seconds > background music.

Once you’ve set up the filters, the only content displayed will be that which fits the criteria you’ve selected.

For example, if you want to download a report that only has tracks played in their entirety, you should set the min filter at 90 seconds. Once this is done, to get this in an offline report, you can download it by clicking on Generate Report.

If the filter is left as default, all plays will be displayed in Vericast and also in the downloaded report. Find out how to download the report in this article.


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