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Venues Technology

At BMAT, what plays around comes around, and this doesn't only include the music played on radios and TVs, but also all the songs played in bars, discos, clubs, and public venues.

Our BMAT Venues service provides monitoring and identification of  music played in public venues using 3 different tools:

BMAT Boxes

BMAT is working on  installing boxes in venues,  allowing for the processing and reporting of obtained data. Utilising the most advanced technology, BMAT’s activity permits the incrementation of the number of unique works identified automatically.

These small devices can be connected directly to the sound system or to the DJ table, allowing for the real time monitoring and identifying of all the music that is being played, keeping the recordings clean of environmental noise. Installation only requires an audio jack, Internet, and electricity.

There are already key venues in both Spain and Colombia that have these devices installed. The goal is to install the largest possible number of boxes in venues. By  doing this, we are contributing to a fairer distribution of the public performance rights generated as it corresponds to the music that is actually played. Creators and producers that have been excluded from distributions thus far now can receive their corresponding royalties. 

How does it work?

1. BMAT installs a recording device on the premises.

2. This device records the music played at each establishment.

3. The recordings are transmitted over the Internet to BMAT’s data centre.

4. At the data centre, the music is identified using our audio fingerprinting technology.

5. A detailed report with all the results is generated and forwarded to the performing rights organisation.

BMAT Venues App

We developed this application to help societies' agents when collecting recordings from clubs, discos, and public venues. Using this app, every agent can adjust sound parameters for better reception and recording and, with just a wifi connection, the recordings are directly sent to our platform where they will be  analysed and then stored.


We are partnering with PioneerDJ - and its KUVO app - to monitor electronic music. We get real time information about tracks and DJ sets from more than 500 clubs all around the world, which we later enrich and deliver to collecting societies so they can distribute their royalties fairly.

If you want to learn more about BMAT Venues Monitoring service, contact our Support Team at

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