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Upload Music to our Database

In order to be able to identify music you uploaded in your panel, we also need to have this music in our database.

There are two options to upload music to our database, depending on the size and number of tracks of your catalogue:


1. FTP Upload for Large Catalogues

An FTP is a protocol we use for the transfer of music from you to BMAT servers.

To help you with the tasks related to the FTP upload, we created a video where all the processes are explained. You can also read more here about the FTP upload

2. Vericast-Upload for Small Catalogues

In case you manage a small catalogue, e.g. if you need to upload some new releases or even a few dozen songs, we recommend to use the Vericast-upload system. It's an easy-to-use platform where you upload the tracks one by one.

To access the upload service, type the following URL in your browser:

Enter in your account info and add the mp3 audios you wish to upload (Add track) and complete the corresponding metadata (the mandatory fields are marked with an *).

Click on the link to read the step by step Vericast-upload guidelines.

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