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Upload Music to our Database

We must have the music in our database in order to identify it properly.

There are 2 options for uploading music to our database. These depend on the size and number of tracks within your catalogue.


1. FTP Upload for Large Catalogues

An FTP is a protocol we use for the transfer of music to BMAT servers.

To help you with the tasks related to the FTP upload, we’ve created a video where all the steps are explained. You can also read more here

2. Vericast-Upload for Small Catalogues

If you manage a small catalogue or you need to upload new releases or a few dozen songs, we recommend using the Vericast-Upload system. It's an easy to use platform where you can upload tracks one by one.

To access the upload service, enter the following URL into your browser:

Enter  your account info and add the mp3 audio tracks you wish to upload (Add track). Then complete the corresponding metadata (the mandatory fields are marked with an “*”).

Click on the link to read the step-by-step Vericast-Upload guidelines.

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