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Vericast API

In this article, dedicated to the geekiest clients, we explain what an API is and how to get the best of our Vericast API.

API stands for Application Programming Interface, and it is the communication method used in a platform that connects different components. It is very useful for connecting your own system with the Vericast Data automatically.

This can help you optimise your workflow as well as enable new ways to access Vericast's information. This means that, if you know the right words, you can ask the system to show you exactly what you want.

The Vericast API allows you to build personalised programs using the data coming directly from your Vericast account: Channels Info, Charts (top artists, top channel for example), Matches…

The access to the services provided by Vericast is available through a REST style interface.

Do you want to discover what you can do with the Vericast API?

Go to the footer of any page in your Vericast account and click on the Vericast API link:


You will be re-directed to the Methods page, the manual that explains all the possible questions and responses you can receive from Vericast.

For more information, please contact our Support Team and we will be happy to geek out with you!

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