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Editing FCFs


Log in to the platform with your username and password (

Click on the FCF tab in order to see a list of all the Unknowns.

On Active Filters tab (right column), select View Filters. Then, click on the start and end dates on the calendar (add other filters if necessary) to see all the FCF’s that have been generated in  a particular period of time. Once all filters are selected, click on Apply Filters.


In the first “CHECKED” column, there is a square which indicates if a song has been listened to or not. If  it’s empty, it’s  because it hasn’t been checked yet. This is not an automatic function so, if someone is listening to a track and is not able to recognise it, they would have to click the check symbol. Clicking on the “play” symbol will allow you to listen to a track.

Option 1

If the played track doesn’t have music, or if there is a lot of noise (the song is not recognisable), or if there are sound effects, change the Status to IGNORED and do not edit the song.

Option 2

If the track has music and also speech (like in an advertisement or a radio programme or a talk show) leave it UNRESOLVED and put the check symbol ✔ on the square, so you will not check it again.

Option 3

When you find ONLY music, try to recognise the song and then you can edit it. 


To edit the identified tracks click on the “Pencil” tool.

Click on the spectrogram wave and, dragging your cursor, select the segment of music. Please make sure you select only music, not voice or sounds (so do not select the speaker presentation or comments or possible sound effects, for example). Once the correct area is selected, click on Select Segment.

Fill in the track information following the auto-complete. Artist and Track Name are required fields. You will get a few options to choose in order to have accurate metadata.

To avoid wrong or inconsistent versions, listen to the system suggestions (if available) to find the same version of the song that you are editing.

If none of them is the right version, choose "I confirm that none of the above correspond to my track. I want to continue using my own metadata". This action creates the new track version.

For example, if a song is a "live" version, it should be written in the title. On the other hand, a studio song never should be entered as a live or remix version.

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