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Dashboard - Basic Features

The Vericast Dashboard is a panel consisting of various tabs. The basic tabs available in every account are: Artists, Top Tracks/ Track List, Channels, Labels and Report.

In addition to the basic tabs, you can also have: FCF, New Search, Recordings, Top Releases, Channels By Catalogue, Ads Report, TV Report, Editor, and others.


Click on a tab to open a new page with the detailed information.

In each page you will find an option to filter information (on the right), as well as a button to Generate Report.


This page shows a list of artists with the highest play count within a specific period of time. You can change the date interval in the Active filters window on the right side. Find out more about filters in the category Reports.


Click on the name of an artist to see more detailed information about them. This will let you see:

  • A graphic Overview based on the play count
  • Top Channels where the artist’s music is played
  • Track List with the top songs by this artist
  • Last Identifications


Next to each section, on the right side, you can click on the magnifying glass to see a full list. 

The Last identifications section is a list of recorded audio or video tracks which have been recognised using fingerprinting technology. Next to each track title you will find two play buttons:

  1. The grey button is a reference = an original audio track sent to us by CMOs members, digital aggregators, labels etc.

  2. The red button is a match = a sound recording of a channel we are monitoring.


The buttons play a short, 30-seconds-long audio track. This is enough to verify that both audio pieces represent the same track. Click to listen to each of them and compare the tracks.

Top Tracks

This page displays a list of 100 tracks with the highest number of play count in a specific period of time.

Click on an arrow below Top 100 to extend the information about each track.


The column No. shows a status of a track comparing it with its position in top 100 the previous week. There are 4 possibilities: 

  • NEW (a new entry in top 100)
  • a green arrow pointing up (the track has increased its position by the number stated next to the arrow)
  • a red arrow pointing down (the track has decreased its position by the number stated next to the arrow)
  • an equal sign (the track has the same position in the ranking as it had the previous week). 

Click on the New entries tab under the Top tracks to see all tracks that are new to the top 100 ranking comparing to the previous week.


Track List 

This page shows a list of tracks with the highest play count in a specific period of time.



This page shows a list of channels with the highest play count in a specific period of time.

You can filter the channels,  for example, by the media type: TV, Radio FM, Radio AM or by its content: Musical, Generic.

Learn more about adding / replacing channels.



It shows a list of all identifications in a specific period of time in a chronological order.

The best way to see all notifications is to download a report by clicking on the button in the top right corner Generate report.


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