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This glossary clarifies all technical jargon and abbreviations that appear in some of our articles.

  • Ad: Also known as commercial, refers to a video clip, aired on a TV channel, where a product or a service is presented.
  • Airplay: The amount of time that a piece of recorded music is played on the radio.

  • API (Application Programming Interface): A method of communication between various software. Examples in the music business can be streaming services allowing other companies to use their players embedded in their website.
  • EPG (Electronic Programming Guide): Also known as TV guides and are updated lists with information on TV programming.
  • FCF (Frequent Content Filter): BMAT technology that allows us to detect any piece of recorded music that has been played/broadcasted on different channels.
  • File Transfer Protocol (FTP): A protocol we use for the transfer of music from you to BMAT’s servers. SFTP stands for Secure FTP.
  • Fingerprint: A digital summary of an audio signal. This is what we extract from the sound recordings we receive to speed up the identification process.
  • Identification: A sound recording recognised by using audio fingerprinting technology. Synonym of: match.
  • ISRC (International Standard Recording Code): An international standard code for uniquely identifying sound recordings.
  • ISWC (International Standard Musical Work Code): An international standard code for uniquely identifying musical works.
  • Match: see > Identification
  • Metadata: Information that describes other data. Examples in music are the title, artist, label, and ISRC associated with a sound recording.
  • Panel: All the radios and TV channels that we are monitoring in your account.
  • Phonogram: The entity that gathers a sound recording, with all its associated information (title, artist, territorial information, etc.).
  • QA (Quality Assurance): The maintenance of the desired quality level in a service or product. 
  • Recording: Sound/audiovisual recording of a channel.
  • Reference: The audio of a phonogram submitted to BMAT directly by CMOs and other partners, such as aggregators or major companies.
  • Sigpool (Signature Pool): A group of fingerprints from a sound recording.
  • SLA (Service Level Agreement): A contract that describes the level of service you expect from us.
  • Sound Recording: The representation of a recorded audio signal.
  • Track: The territorial information associated with a phonogram.
  • WUI (Web User Interface): The platform where interaction between a user and software running on a Web server happens. Vericast is a WUI.

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