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In case you want to upload a small catalogue of new releases, or even a few dozen songs, we recommend using the Vericast-Upload system. It's an easy-to-use platform where you upload the tracks one by one.

NOTE: To manage uploads of catalogues of over 1000 tracks, we recommend using the FTP upload.


To access the upload service, type the following URL in your browser:

Please enter your User Name and Password in the proper fields in the Log In screen as shown in Fig.1 (please note that User Name and Password are case-sensitive).


You're now logged in. Please click on Add Track to start uploading your song.




Choose file (the track you would like to upload) and click on Continue.


Please wait until the upload is completed (this may take a few moments, depending on the size of the audio file).

The size of the audio file should not exceed 100 MB. The accepted formats are mp3 and wav.


Listen to the audio that you have just chosen to confirm it's correct.

Fill in the track information. Please note that the fields marked with "*" are mandatory and they must be filled in to proceed.

IMPORTANT: If you know that the song is “live”, “remastered”, a “radio edit”, “album version”, etc., please indicate it in the title. For example, ‘Madonna – Vogue (Live)’. 


Please complete as many details as possible as as this will be the metadata that will appear in the Vericast reports.


The ID3 tag information of uploaded mp3 audio files is extracted automatically so that our system can fill in the corresponding fields.

Once you are done, please click on Continue.


All the info you just entered will be displayed in order for you to double-check all the details.


Please make sure all information is correct before selecting Finish.


You will then be redirected to a summary page.


If you want to add more tracks, please select Add Track and repeat Step 1, 2 and 3.


You can add up to 30 tracks to your current upload.

Once you are done, please select Complete Upload to close the delivery and send all tracks to BMAT’s platform.

IMPORTANT: Please note that you won't be able to change the track details once you have selected Complete Upload

Once you have selected Complete Upload, you will receive an email notification that the upload is completed.

All the songs you uploaded will be analysed in order to extract their fingerprint, and later on, added to the reference database we use to monitor channels. After completing your current upload you will be able to add new tracks following the previously explained steps for a new upload.

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