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Downloading Your Report

Once you are logged into your Vericast Account, here is how you can download a report - in an excel or .csv file – for a specific time period using all the filters available to you.

1. Log into Vericast.

2. Click on Report located on the left side of the menu.


3. Choose the filters to indicate the specific information you are looking for. You will find them on the right side of the menu.



DownloadingReport3DATE INTERVAL 

You can use the Date interval filter to set up the dates that you are interested in. You will only get information from the specific time frame that you search.

Depending on your channel panel, you may have radio and/or tv channels. In case you have them both, and if you only want to get information, for example, about radio airplay, you should select Radio FM on the Media filter.

In case you are looking to analyse what is happening on a specific channel of your panel, the Channels filter is the way you can make it happen. You just need to write the name of the channel in the blank space.

Use the content filter if you are interested only in a specific type of media content to be displayed in your report.

As in the last case, if you want to see only the play count of a specific Record Label, you can select it using the Label filter. On the contrary, if you want to only see those plays which are not assigned to any Record Label, tick the box: Show only blank labels.

If you want to check the behaviour of one (or more than one) track, you can do it using the Track/Artist filter.

Use the duration filter if you are interested in differentiating between music, background music for advertisements, jingles, or program lead-in music.

The Program Type filter will also allow you to differentiate between non-commercial plays (songs played on the radio) and commercial plays (ads and promos).


Tick the FCF box if  you want the FCF identifications to be displayed.

4. Click on Apply Filters, once all the parameters have been set up according to your needs.

5. Finally, click on Generate Report.


6. Choose the download format. Depending on the amount of information that you want to download, the system will suggest you download the Report as an Excel (if the file doesn’t surpass the 200.000 plays) or CSV (if your query is larger than 200.000 plays). We strongly recommend sticking to Vericast suggestions to not lose any important information.

If later you'd like to convert .csv format files into .xls files, all you have to do is open your CSV file, click on Save as and choose the Excel format. Click on Save.

7. Click on Continue.


8. Download directly the report from Vericast or send it to your email.


Once you decide which option suits you better, wait for the magic to happen and your report will be ready to rock & roll!

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