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Analysing Your Report


Once a report is downloaded, there’s multiple ways of analysing it. This is all the information that you may have for each play, and that can be useful to obtain precisely the information that you are looking for:

Date: you will be able to know the exact date that a song was played

Time: you will also be able to know at what time the song was aired

Duration: it won’t be a secret anymore if the song was played uninterruptedly or if it was cropped by the broadcaster

Channel: the name of the channel where a song was played will also be available to you

Country: geographically speaking, you will find out in which country a song was played

City: as in the last case, you may also know in which precise city a song was played (in case it was broadcasted on a local radio station or local tv channel)

Track:  the title of every track played will also be available to you

Artist: the name of the performer of a song will also be available in your report

Label: if the song belongs to a Record Label, you may know that too

ISRC: if the track is associated with a Sound Recording Code that we have in our database,  it will appear in your report

Bmatid: this is our internal code for each song in our database. This is information that may not be useful to you but is crucial for us in order to create the reports

Album: if we know the name of the song’s album, you will too!

Program type: this option will let you know if a song has been played as non-commercial (regular play) or if it was used in an advertisement (Ads and Promos)

Match: by clicking on the match number, you will be able to listen to the recording and check the match.

The remaining fields will only contain information if your account includes our advertisement detection and edition services:

Program title

Program category

Program production company

If you want more information about our advertisement detection and edition services, please get in touch with our Support Team and we will get back to you shortly.

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