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Charts represent the rankings of the top tracks, artists or labels in a specific territory or across the chosen panel of channels. 


  • Charts is an extra service that we deliver upon request. 
  • They are delivered as a report in an Excel and/or PDF format
  • We generate them on a weekly, monthly, or annual basis on your chosen day of the week.

  • They can be personalised depending on your needs.

Examples of a Charts Report

It may contain the following information:

  • Top 100/Top 50/Top 30 tracks.
  • Labels' market share (as a table and/or graph).
  • Channels' market share (as a table and/or graph).
  • Other information depending on your request.

Talk to our Team to find out more about Charts.  

You can also check the Top Releases section of your Vericast account, which is also an extra service we offer upon request.

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