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A Unique Reference Number

The BMAT ID is a unique internal reference number assigned to every sound and music video recording uploaded to our database.

Some songs are sent to us with only the title and artist name (missing ISRC or ISWC information), so the BMAT ID is necessary to identify and catalogue them correctly.

The BMAT ID appears in most of the Vericast reports (in all of them where the track titles appear).


You can Generate a Report from your Vericast dashboard in the sections Report, Track List, Top Tracks, etc.

You can also search for a song with the BMAT ID instead of by its title or  artist name. This will allow you to be 100% sure that you found  the right song, as quite often there are more versions of a  song with the same or similar title. For this, you can use Track/Artist filter option available on the right side of the screen in Active Filters (see below).


You can also use New Search box if you have it activated in your account (see below). 


BMAT ID and Frequent Content Filter (FCF)

If you have the  Frequent Content Filter feature activated in your Vericast account, you will notice that the tracks from this list have their own BMAT IDs.

When an FCF track is identified and passes from UNRESOLVED to RESOLVED status, there are 2 possible options: 

1. If Vericast finds an existing phonogram with the same title and artist, it will use its already existing BMAT ID. Note, that other data like ISRC or ISWC, included in the FCF can be still updated.

2. If there isn't any phonogram with such a title and artist name at the moment of resolving the FCF, we will keep the FCF track's BMAT ID.

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