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A Unique Reference Number

The BMAT ID is a unique internal reference number assigned to every sound and video recording uploaded to our database.

It is necessary to identify and catalogue all tracks, even if they only have a track title and an artist name as their metadata.

The BMAT ID is part of all the Vericast reports.


You can Generate a Report . from your Vericast account in Report, Track List, Top Tracks, etc.

You can also search for a track by its BMAT ID instead of its title or artist name. This eliminates every possibility of not finding the version of the track you’re searching for.  Use the Track/Artist filter option available on the right-hand side of the screen in Active Filters (see below).


You can also use the New Search box as long as it’s already activated in your account (see below). 


BMAT ID and Frequent Content Filter (FCF)

The unidentified tracks in the Frequent Content Filter are given Unknown Ids.

When an FCF track is identified and passes from UNRESOLVED to RESOLVED status, there are 2 possible options: 

1. If the FCF is associated with an existing phonogram with the same title and artist, Vericast keeps its existing BMAT ID. Note that other data like ISRC or ISWC can be updated with the information of the FCF.

2. If at the moment of resolving the FCF there isn't any other phonogram with an identical title and artist name, Vericast keeps the Unknown ID as BMAT ID.

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