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Replacing a Channel

Reasons to Replace a Channel

There are a couple of reasons why you’d want to replace a channel in your panel. For example, when: 

1. A channel has stopped broadcasting or doesn't exist anymore

2. The online streaming of a channel has stopped working. This means the channel can’t be recorded. In this case, we usually wait up to 2 weeks. If the stream doesn't start working after this time and if there is no alternative source to record it, it's better to suggest us another channel. 

3. Or, if there is another reason independent from the 2 above. 

Requesting a Replacement

Please follow these steps to set up a replacement for a channel that has stopped working or doesn't exist anymore. 

NOTE: you can only replace the same types of media, which means radio channel > radio channel or TV channel > TV channel. 

1. Collect all necessary information about the new channel.

2. Complete the excel sheet attached below. Please provide us with information about the channel that has stopped working and as many details as possible about the new channel.  

3. Send the completed excel sheet to our Team. The button to send us an email is just below this article. 

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