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Payment & Invoice

Methods of Payment

There are 2 methods of payment:

1. Wire Transfer/Bank Transfer: our Accounting Team will indicate a bank account where you could pay by wire or bank transfer.

2. Paypal or Credit Card: this option is available through our invoicing platform Invoicera.

Paying by Paypal or Credit Card

1. You will receive an email which includes your invoice and a link to our invoicing platform, called Invoicera. You don’t have to create any user id. It’s free to access.


2. Click on the link. You should see the Make Payment button.


3. Click on Make Payment. Despite only seeing the Paypal option, it still allows you to pay by credit card.


4. In the next step, you will be able to indicate if your payment option is by credit card or Paypal. In case you prefer to pay with Paypal, just log in to your current account. If you prefer to pay with credit card, just click on Pay with a card button.


Contact our Accounting Team if you have any further questions regarding your invoice. You can send them an email to

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