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Release Editor

Release Editor is a tool that helps to manage newly released songs. It displays 2 or more similar songs (for example different versions of the same song) and allows to merge (unify) them into 1.

This tab is available for accounts with an extra feature called Releases.


Release Editor is accessible from Dashboard > tab Release List. Once this tab is open, the Release editor is located on the top right side, next to Generate report button. 

 photo Release Editor 1

How to unify two songs

1. Filter the right information according to: period of time, channels, media, labels etc. Click on the link to learn more about filtering

2. Open the Release Editor.

3. Choose between the 2 search options. Either generate groups with Clustering method or search with a Free Search tool.

        a. Clustering - an automatic process of grouping similar tracks based on an algorithm. It will suggest you some groups of tracks which can be similar. It can take a couple of minutes to load the results. 

        b. Free search - here you can type a title and artist of a specific song. It’s always best to put as detailed information as you can. 

4. Listen to the tracks to make sure they are similar. To do it, click on their titles. Please notice that in Vericast it’s possible to listen to a song only after it was identified. Find out more about how we identify music.

5. Confirm that the 2 or more songs are similar and you want to merge them. 

6. Choose the version you want to keep. Go to its title and click next to it, on its left side. A tick should appear. 

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7. You will see a new active button - Merge. Click on it if you want to merge the tracks. 

8. Are sure you want to merge this release? This action cannot be undone. Click Yes. Otherwise, click No and repeat the search.

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