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BMAT Metadata File

If you choose to upload your catalogue via File Transfer Protocol (FTP), we will ask you to send us your audio files together with a metadata file.

Please read the instructions here explaining every step of the FTP upload.

A Metadata file is a document that contains the textual information about audio files from your catalogue. For each audio file it is necessary to indicate at least:

  • Title

  • Artist

  • Record label 

  • URL of the corresponding audio file

  • ISRC code - it’s not obligatory, but it’s highly recommended

Accepted metadata formats: 

  • DDEX (used by EMI, Sony, Universal, Warner)

  • BMAT metadata.xls (Excel)

  • iTunes XML

  • TheOrchard XML

  • MP3 ID3

Please let us know your preferred format. 

BMAT Metadata Excel File

We created an easy-to-follow guide to help you organise your metadata in  Excel format.

There is a separate guide if you’re a publisher of production or popular (commercial) music. Please choose the right option.

1. If you’re a publisher of production music and would like to send us your libraries: 

2. If you’re a publisher of popular (commercial) music and would like to send us your catalogues:

Upload your catalogue and complete the delivery

Once you have your metadata file ready, follow the steps to complete the FTP delivery.

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